Do Better Teams Fare Better Against the Spread?

I had previously determined that there is virtually no difference in WATS (Wins Against The Spread) percentage between favorites and underdogs in the NBA from 2009-2013. One might naturally assume that this finding could be extrapolated to mean that there is also no difference in WATS percentage between winning teams (who would be favorites more often) and losing teams (who… Read more →


Who Beats the Spread More Often, Underdogs or Favorites?

After looking at the difference in mean WATS (Wins Against The Spread) between home and away teams, and discovering a statistically significant discrepancy, I decided my next analysis would look to see if there was a similar discrepancy between the mean WATS of favorites and underdogs. What would a sizable difference in mean WATS signify here? If favorites were able… Read more →