Preseason Predictions


Do Preseason Predictions Affect a Team’s Success Against the Spread? A Deep Dive

As I determined in two earlier posts (here and here), the amount by which an NBA team either overperforms or underperforms  against their preseason win total predictions has a strong affect on their success against the spread during the season. While this effect is more pronounced earlier in the year, at all points during the season teams that are outpacing… Read more →


Do Preseason Predictions Affect a Team’s Wins Against the Spread? pt. 2

In my first post on this topic, I examined whether a team’s performance against preseason predictions affected it’s success against the spread. I found some encouraging results from that analysis (more specifically, that there was a positive correlation between a team’s record vs. their predicted record , and their number of wins against the spread), but it left me with a few… Read more →


Do Preseason Predictions Affect a Team’s Success Against the Spread?

When someone bets on sports, in many cases they are doing so because they feel their predictions about a certain game are more accurate then the Vegas bookies. They might feel that they know something others don’t, or that Vegas is underestimating or overestimating the impact of a particular event, or even that they have an overwhelming gut feeling. In… Read more →